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The webworkers driven UI framework (Beta version)
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Welcome to neo.mjs! (Beta Version)

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This is a new paradigm. If you want to enter a new era of making better Web Based User Interfaces, the following concepts will be addictive.

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What if ... Benefit
1. ... a framework & all the apps you build are running inside a separate thread (web worker)? You get extreme Performance
2. ... the main thread would be mostly idle, only applying the real dom manipulations, so there are no background tasks slowing it down? You get extreme UI responsiveness
3. ... a framework was fully build on top of ES8, but can run inside multiple workers without any Javascript builds? Your development speed will increase
4. ... you don’t need source-maps to debug your code, since you do get the real code 1:1? You get a smoother Debugging Experience
5. ... you don’t have to use string based pseudo XML templates ever again? You get unreached simplicity, no more scoping nightmares
6. ... you don’t have to use any sort of templates at all, ever again? You gain full control!
7. ... you can use persistent JSON structures instead? You gain more simplicity
8. ... there is a custom virtual dom engine in place, which is so fast, that it will change your mind about the performance of web based user interfaces? You get extreme performance
9. ... the ES8 class system gets enhanced with a custom config system, making it easier to extend and work with config driven design patterns? Extensibility, a robust base for solid UI architectures
10. ... your user interfaces can truly scale? You get extreme Performance

Impossible? Pick with caution!

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The webworkers driven UI framework

Prior to the public release on November 23, 2019, the project was already at 3720 commits.

Please take a look at the Getting Started Guide.

Although neo.mjs is ready to craft beautiful & blazing fast UIs, the current state is just a fraction of a bigger picture.
Take a look at the Project Story and Vision.

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Build with ❤️ in Germany.

Copyright (c) 2015 - today, Tobias Uhlig & Rich Waters

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