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Download offcicial copy client agent tgz and build a Debian package from the tgz.
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This software is not an official package or installer from Barracuda Networks. They are not responsible for anything that will happen when you use this installer. Although what it does is quite simple, it might break, break your system or kill your pet space hamster. You have been warned, use it at your own risk.

What's this?

It's a simple script to download and package the Linux client agent for Barracuda Networks cloud storage solution "Copy". It's a viable alternative for Dropbox IMHO. I use Ubuntu/Debian on my machines, but the Linux installer is a simple tgz file. To be able to install the agent with a package manager, I wrote a little script to do the following:

  • Install the tools needed to create Debian packages
  • Download current version of the Copy client agent
  • Create a Debian package of the downloaded client agent


Clone copycom2deb git repository:

git clone

Creating a package

Change into the cloned repository and start the script:


This will ask for a maintainer name and email, both of which will be included in the final package. Now the script will run apt-get to install the required tools to build Debian packages. It will use sudo, so you will have to authenticate. Then the script will download the lastest version of the Copy agent and wrap it up into a Debian package. You will find the resulting package in the build subdirectory.

Install a package

Change to the newly created build directory:

cd build

Install the package by running (replace version and arch):

sudo dpkg -i copy-agent_1.28.0657_amd64.deb

The Copy agent will be installed in


The binaries will be linked to /usr/bin, e.g.

/usr/bin/CopyAgent -> /opt/copy-agent/CopyAgent

Set package creation options

You can control packaging options by setting environment variables like this:

MAINTAINER="Tom" EMAIL="tom@tomshome" ./

The following environment variables are supported:

MAINTAINERSet maintainer name
EMAILSet maintainer email
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