Visualizes dependencies between TaskWarrior tasks
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TaskWarrior Dependency Visualization

Visualizes dependencies between TaskWarrior tasks.

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Given a set of interdependent tasks, they are

  1. Exported from TaskWarrior as JSON, then
  2. Piped into twdeps, and finally
  3. The output is directed to a PNG file.



For the impatient: The JSON export is also available as party.json. If you download it, the command

$ twdeps -f png party.json > party.png

will generate party.png in the current directory.


$ gem install twdeps


  • Create a dependency graph as PNG and pipe it to a file:

    task export | twdeps > deps.png

    See Limitations below for why we need the extra task parms

  • Same but specify output format

    task export | twdeps --format svg > deps.svg
    • Create a graph from a previously exported file
    task export > tasks.json
    cat tasks.json | twdeps > deps.png
  • Display graph in browser without creating an intermediate file

    task export | twdeps --format svg | bcat

    bcat is required for piping into a browser.


The graph is generated with ruby-graphviz, which in turn requires a local Graphviz installation (e.g. brew install graphviz on a Mac or sudo apt-get install graphviz on Ubuntu Linux).

bundler is also required.


TaskWarrior versions before 2.1 need the additional command line options rc.json.array=on and rc.verbose=nothing due to two bugs in the JSON export.