Full stack web application with an Angular2 client and a Spring Boot backend.
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This is a small sample web application consists of a client and a server application. The server is a Spring Boot application and the client uses Angular2.


The server application runs with Spring Boot and provides some RESTful web services. The Server contains an embedded MongoDB which is initialized during server startup and filled with some test data.

Build & Startup

The only requirement to build and run the server application is an installed Java runtime with version 1.8 or higher available in your PATH variable.

To build the application run the gradlew script:

gradlw build

After the build was successful start the application:

java -jar build/libs/server-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

The server application is accessible with at


The client is a Angular2 application which uses the Spring Boot application as backend. It must be built and started independent from the server.

Build & Startup

Node.js and npm needs to be installed to build and start the client application. Verify that you have at least node v4.x.x and npm 3.x.x installed by running node -v and npm -v in a terminal.

To install all required dependencies simply run:

npm install

Afterwards the Typescript classes have to be transpiled to Javascript and a http server needs to be started which delivers the client application. This is done with:

npm start

The server application is accessible with at To login into the application the user admin with the password admin could be used.


The software of this repository is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3. See LICENSE for the full license text.