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Multi-Vendor Digital Marketplace Platform(Early stage development)

This project is an attempt to develop a Multi-vendor digital marketplace platform on top of Django Framework and offer sellers to register, upload and sell their digital images. Development is still is early stages and not recommended for production use. Pull request with fixes and enhancements are most welcome, though.


  • Products
  • Curated Products
  • My product
  • Products rating
  • Image Thumbnail
  • Sellers
  • Seller dashboard
  • Seller side option for product management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Basic analytics
  • Tags


Post setting up virtualenv Run the following commands. In case you would like know how to setup virtualenv, browse through Configure virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

git clone
cd djangodm
pip install -r requirements.txt
python migrate
python runserver

The Multi-vendor Marketplace will be now accessible at and the admin interface at . To login into admin panel create a superuser:

python createsuperuser

Give your username, email id and password to complete the user creation process.

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Multi-vendor Digital Marketplace



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