Core Javascript functions
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Core Javascript functions

This packages contains a single file, js-core.js, and also a translation file to French (default messages in the library are in English).

Setup instructions

To install net-tools/js-core package, just require it through composer and insert a script tag in the HEAD section :

<script src="/path_to_vendor/net-tools/js-core/src/js-core.js.min"></script>


Full reference would be too long. Please refer to the jsdoc repository here :

However, here is a simple list of functions provided :

  • cookies management (nettools.jscore.set/get/deleteCookie),
  • strings management (uppercase some letters, replace diacritics characters, escape characters for URL, trim spaces, generate random numbers),
  • querystring and URL management (through some nettools.jscore.* functions, but also through two special objects dedicated to URL management : nettools.jscore.Querystring and nettools.jscore.Url),
  • form inputs management (get an object litteral whose properties are set with input fields, or a querystring from input fields),
  • requests management (send POST or XmlHttp requests from querystring or litteral objects whose property and values are translated to querystring parameters and values),
  • oriented object programming (inheritance),
  • form validators (in real-time or at form submit : nettools.jscore.validator.RealTimeValidator and nettools.jscore.validator.FormValidator),
  • stack and pool data structures,
  • crypto functions (SHA1, SHA256, hmacSHA256, AES),
  • size values management (manipulate size values, such as '140px' : add or subtract)