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[Split Text]

Split Text is an attempt to immitate the "SplitText" plugin of the greensock AS3 functionality with JQuery and GSAP (Greensock javascript library)

Quick start

Choose one of the following options:

-> var split = $(".splitText").splitText({'type':'words','animation':'explode','useLite':true});

-> split.animate();


-> split.reverse();


  • HTML5 ready. Use the new elements with confidence.
  • Options Inlcude:
  1. type = 'lines', 'words', 'letters', 'sentences (new)'
  2. animation = 'explode', 'slide', 'opacity', '3D', 'colorize', 'smoke', 'glowOnHover','typography3D','scramble','blackout','matrix', 'machinegun text (new)'
  3. justSplit = boolean (just split only returns the splited text based on type, no animation)
  4. duration = ...in seconds
  5. colorize = color hex (if effect is colorize or glowOnHover)
  6. scale = boolean
  7. useLite = boolean (TimelineMax or TimelineLite)
  8. useCSS = boolean (use external css, like splitText.css)


  • You can view examples of this plugin here


Will be coming soon...

Browser compatibility

Firefox 3.5+, Google Chrome, Safari 4+, IE 8+, Opera 10+.

  • Of course some effects are more jerky in some browsers than others.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute.