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Net Glue Ltd

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Net Glue Ltd

… is a small web design and development firm located in Devon, UK. We/I have been going for a pretty long time… Since around 2003.

Net Glue Ltd is mostly gsteel

There's not a huge volume of public repositories on this GitHub account - what is here, tends to be open source work relating to Laminas and Mezzio which tends to be the main frameworks and tools we use for making stuff. Also worth mentioning is the open source work we've written for working with the "Prismic" headless content management system.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can find contact details on our old and tired public website, but please bear in mind that our availablity is pretty scant at the moment.


  1. PHP Api Client for

    PHP 5 1

  2. primo Public

    Mezzio and Prismic Integration


  3. prismic-cli Public

    PHP Based CLI tooling for projects


  4. Opinionated Mezzio/Prismic application setup for new website projects

    PHP 3


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