Python classes to control a Baytech RPC3 (Remote Power Controller). Hardware can be found at
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This is a set of classes (and bundled pure-python versions of pexpect
and ping) to control a Baytech RPC3. 

pexpect is courtesy of Noah Spurrier

Pure Python Ping code Ping is Copyright (c) Matthew Dixon Cowles,

Uses jQuery 1.7.2 and jqTouch for iPhone/iPad like access.


Create a file in your working directory called ".credentials". This file
should contain the following:

IP address of RPC3:username:password:webip1,webip2,webip3... 

Then, in your script, you can call:

from rpc3Control import *
(RPC, RPCUSER, RPCPASS, WHITELIST) = load_credentials()

""" or, if you change the credentials filename, you can do... """
(RPC, RPCUSER, RPCPASS, WHITELIST) = load_credentials("filename")

Control is pretty straightfoward. First, connect to the RPC:
(Instantiating an instance of the class will handle the initial connection)

r = rpc3Control(RPC, RPCUSER, RPCPASS, False)

...and then you can issue commands, like:


To get status, use outlet_status, which will return True or False for On or Off.

state = r.outlet_status(5)

I'm using this at home to restart my DSL modem in the event of network failure. 

For a more indepth example, see the script.

Web Access

Included with this code is a functional, HTML5/CSS administration
system that can be used to control your devices from an iPhone, iPad,
or web browser.

To use, copy the "web" folder to your webserver, ensure that index.cgi
can be executed as a cgi and that can be accessed from
your web server, either by installing it system wide or by copying it
into the web folder.

John Adams
May, 2012