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GoCommerce JS

This is a JS client library for GoCommerce API.

IMPORTANT: This requires at least version 1.8.0 of the GoCommerce backend (since v5.0.0).

It handles orders and payments. Integrates with Stripe for payments and will support international pricing and VAT verification.


import GoCommerce from "gocommerce-js";

const commerce = new GoCommerce({
  APIUrl: ""

	path: "/products/book-1/",
	quantity: 2,
	meta: {
    // You can add anything in metadata and use it in your checkout ui
		photo: "/images/mugs/netlig-01.png"
}).then((lineItem) => console.log(lineItem));

  items: [{
  	title: "Netlify Mug",
  	sku: "netlify-mug-01",
  	description: "A mug with a netlify sticker!",
  	price: {amount: "49.00", "currency": "USD", cents: 4900},
    tax: {amount: "0.00", currency: "USD", cents: 0},
  	quantity: 2,
  	metadata: {
  		photo: "/images/mugs/netlig-01.png" // You can add anything in metadata
  subtotal: {amount: "98.00", "currency": "USD", cents: 9800},
  taxes: {amount: "0.00", "currency": "USD", cents: 0},
  total: {amount: "98.00", "currency": "USD", cents: 9800}

commerce.updateCart("netlify-mug-01", 3); // Set to 0 to remove

  email: "",
  shipping_address: {
    name: "Matt Biilmann",
    company: "netlify", // Optional
    address1: "610 22nd Street",
    city: "San Francisco",
    state: "CA",
    country: "USA",
    zip: "94107"
  /* You can optionally specify billing_address as well */
}).then(({cart, order}) => {
  return commerce.payment({
    // Get a token from Stripes button or a custom integration
    "provider": "stripe",
    "stripe_token": TOKEN_FROM_STRIPE_CC_FORM,
    // The commerce API will verify that the amount and order ID match
}).then((transaction) => {
  console.log("Order confirmed!")

commerce.clearCart(); // Will be called automatically after a successful order

You can change country (for VAT calculations) or currency at any time:


You can use GoCommerce JS together with GoTrue to let users log in and claim view order history.

goTrue.login(email, password).then((user) => {

    shipping_address_id: "some-previously-generated-address"
    /* Normal order details */

  commerce.orderHistory().then((orders) => {