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node js xmr rpc wallet management package
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A nodejs Monero rpc wallet management package.

Under heavy developpment.

Currently for using it insert : var wallet = require('./moneronjs.js');

And create a wallet object like this : var wal = new wallet.Wallet("","8082");

Without any arguments it will try to connect to localhost port 8082 (default rpc daemon port for simplewallet).

###test.js provide basic examples of the current methods available with the wallet object. Beware to replace payment_id with valid value of your wallet.

###wallet available method Currently available :

  • getaddress(callback): give back the address of the wallet
  • getbalance(callback): give the current unlocked balance of wallet
  • getpaymentfromid(payment-id, callback): return the whole transactions associated to the provided payment_id
  • incoming_transfers(status): provide the list of tx available(unSpend) Unavailable(spent) and All
  • getcypheredpaymentid(Uid,amount, password): return a valid payment_id (64char hex string) which is the encrypted using AES-256-CTR of the string "unix_timestampuidamount" (uid is a 10 digit number and amount is a 9 digit number)
  • decypherpaymentid(pid,pass): decypher the crypted payment_id previously generated with the associated password
  • getrandompaymentid: return a random hexstring of 64 chars length (valid payment_id)
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