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Prototyping kernel development

Authors:Jesper Dangaard Brouer <>

This project and GitHub repository is meant for speeding up Linux Kernel development work, this also includes Documentation. The directory layout tries to keep close to the Kernel directory layout. This helps when/if upstreaming the work.

This prototype-kernel was primarily meant for prototyping kernel modules (see blogpost).

XDP eBPF samples

The Linux kernel tree also contains some eBPF samples which this github repo is also shadowing for easier prototyping, see directory samples/bpf/.

This directory samples/bpf/ maintains a different Makefile (than depending on the kernels) and maintains a copy of some bpf-header files to ease compiling outside the kernel source tree.

Simply run 'make' in that directory to build the bpf samples.


This also covers Kernel Documentation which is being auto-generated by Read The Docs (based on reStructuredText files and Sphinx to generate pretty documentation).