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Json-smart development start in 2010, at that time SQL servers do not support native JSON fields, NoSQL databases slowly emerging, and all the existing JSON API were bogus. One this time I write lots of test to benchmark and compare JSON java parser.

I never like SQL database, because it's almost impossible to update a data model without, impacting the production platform. Adding a column is a terrible operation.

That way I started json-smart. all non-indexed data in my datastores were stored in a column as a is serialized JSON message. To fit MySQL varchar(255) fields, I try to make my JSON as small as possible, that why json-smart il optimized to produce small JSON-like String.

But now times had changed, most of the JSON API are now stable, and I'm now using document-oriented Databases and JSON native SQL types.

So I do not use my json-smart anymore. I had fun with this project. If you want to apply some change on json-smart create pull request, with a lots JUnit test.

WIKI is here


V 2.4.7

  • full timezone support in date parsing
  • set default charset to UTF-8 when parsing byte[] contents

V 2.4.6

  • remove paren pom
  • same as 2.4.5

V 2.4.4

  • fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException issue 68

V 2.4

  • add BIG_DIGIT_UNRESTRICTED to avoid BigDigit usage on some Double.
  • fix CVE-2021-27568
  • java 11 build

V 2.3.1

  • Fixes issue #60 (CVE-2021-27568)
  • full timezone support in date parsing

V 2.3

  • Patch 37 issue 37
  • Explicite support of char 127 issue 18
  • Integrate json-smart-action from Eitan Raviv PR 31
  • Remove hard codded e.printStackTrace() issue 33
  • Improve date parsing code to support all timeZones issue 29

V 2.2.2

  • Fix support for default java datetime format for US locale
  • Update my time Zone from Paris to San Francisco.

V 2.2.1

  • Fix issue in strict mode issue gh-17
  • Add a licence Copy at the root project level issue gh-16
  • Change InputStream input reading to use UTF8. issue 48

V 2.2

  • Rename asm to accessors-smart due to conflict name with lib. fix PR-10
  • Fix OSGI error fix PR-2
  • Add support for BigDecimal
  • Improve JSONObject.getAsNumber() helper
  • Add a Field Remaper

V 2.1

  • net.minidev.json.mapper renamed to net.minidev.json.writer
  • Add ACCEPT_TAILLING_SPACE Parssing Flag.
  • Mapper classes now non static.
  • Reader mapper are now available in net.minidev.json.reader.JsonReader class
  • Writer mapper are now available in net.minidev.json.writer.JsonWriter class

V 2.0

  • Fix Double Identification issue 44
  • Fix Collection Interface Serialisation
  • Fix security Exception in ASM code
  • Project moved to GitHub
  • Fix issue 42

V 2.0-RC3

  • Add custom data binding inside the ASM layer.
  • Add Date support
  • Add \x escape sequence support issue 39
  • fix issue issue 37

V 2.0-RC2

V 2.0-RC1

  • speed improvement in POJO manipulation
  • add JSONStyle.LT_COMPRESS predefined generate strct json, but ignoring / escapement.