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Newspeak is a new programming language in the tradition of Self and Smalltalk.

For pre-built VMs and images, see

If you intend to develop with the new Web IDE, read on:

  • The Web IDE is still experimental. Caveat Emptor.

First, download the app. For MacOS and Linux, you can use the Electron app

You can also download a directory from which the app can be served locally to any web browser. For all platforms

Unzip the download. The directory contains a script,, that will try and serve using python web server. You may prefer this option if you're on Linux, or want a (much) smaller download.

Just in Case

If you feel you must rebuild the system from scratch, here's how:

Set up a directory for your work, say, nswasm

mkdir nswasm
cd nswasm

and then clone this repo under it.

In the same directory, clone

To be clear: you should now have a directory named nswasm, with two subdirectories; newspeak, containing this repository, and primordialsoup, containing

Follow the instructions at

in the primordialsoup repo to set up the required dependencies for primordialsoup, and switch to the extraRevs branch.

cd primordialsoup
git checkout extraRevs

You'll also want to download CodeMirror from

Place it in the top level of the newspeak repo.

In the top level of the newspeak repository, you should find the script It assumes Emscripten is in ~/software/emsdk/; you will want to adjust that to reflect where you have installed emscripten.

Running should build the psoup VM as well as the vfuel file for the Newspeak IDE.


HopscotchWebIDE.vfuel should now exist in the ./out subdirectory of the newspeak repository.

You can access it by running a web server, using the script:


The script will run a python web server and will tell you that you can access the IDE by pointing a web browser at:


You can edit to change the port used. It is often convenient to have the web server running all the time.

If you make changes to the Newspeak code used in the IDE, just run again.

Another option is to rebuild the vfuel file for the IDE, and copy it into the electron application. That way you don't need to run a web server. The script provides a template for this. On a mac, it should work out of the box:


Otherwise, you'll need to modify it as described in the script.