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National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Official organizational account for the NGA

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  1. geoq Public

    Django web application to collect geospatial features and manage feature collection among groups of users

    JavaScript 605 133

  2. Hootenanny conflates multiple maps into a single seamless map.

    JavaScript 305 72

  3. GeoPackage JavaScript Library

    TypeScript 253 73

  4. Server to track gamification elements (badges, points, tags) to work pages or apps

    JavaScript 235 64

  5. mrgeo Public

    MrGeo is a geospatial toolkit designed to provide raster-based geospatial capabilities that can be performed at scale. MrGeo is built upon Apache Spark and the Hadoop ecosystem to leverage the stor…

    Java 199 64

  6. OpenSphere

    JavaScript 173 85


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