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This is an initial implementation of Fetch API.

The following init options are supported:
body, headers, buffer_size (nginx specific), max_response_body_size
(nginx specific), method.

The following properties and methods of Response object are implemented:
arrayBuffer(), bodyUsed, json(), headers, ok, redirect, status, statusText,
text(), type, url.

The following properties and methods of Header object are implemented:
get(), getAll(), has().

Notable limitations: only http:// scheme is supported, redirects
are not handled.

In collaboration with 洪志道 (Hong Zhi Dao).

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NGINX JavaScript (njs)

njs is a subset of the JavaScript language that allows extending nginx
functionality. njs is created in compliance with ECMAScript 5.1 (strict mode)
with some ECMAScript 6 and later extensions. The compliance is still evolving.

The documentation is available online:

Please ask questions, report issues, and send patches to the mailing list: (

or via Github:

NGINX, Inc.,