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This project is a yet another simple blog. There are many like it, but
this one is mine.

Example usage in your sites' file:
    (r'^', include('blog.urls')),

Version 1.3.1 Features

 * Fixed all pages to use Entry manager so all entries show up on the correct sites.
 * Fixing bug in tag feed (always showing the main blog listing)
 * Add new template tag_list.html to contain the listing of items by tag.
 * Adding pagination to tag_list and BLOG_PAGINATE_TAG_LIST.

Version 1.3 Features

 ** Version 1.3 requires Django 1.2. **

 * Added {% csrf_token %} to search.
 * RPC support for Blogger 1.0, MetaWeblog, and MoveableType (Patch provided by Carson Gee.)
 * Added month_calendar template tag.
 * Migrated to new feeds framework (Now requires Django 1.2)
 * Feed by tag now works as expected. You can specify one custom tag to get a individualized feed.

Version 1.2 Features

 * Added author list page, which shows all authors.
 * BLOG_PAGINATE_AUTHOR_LIST controls the number of pages show in the author_list page, default is 10.
 * Added author_index page which is an alias to the entry_index page that is limited by author.
 * entry_archive template tag now takes an optional author_ident to limit the listing to one author.
 * entry_latest provides a method to be used to show only the most recent article. This can be used as an alternative frontpage to the application.
 * All templates have been refactored.

Version 1.1 Features

 * Comment moderation added, controlled by the following variables in a sites
	* BLOG_COMMENTS_CLOSE_AFTER = <# days after which comments are closed>
	* BLOG_COMMENTS_MODERATE_AFTER = <# days after which comments are moderated>
 * You must use the new admin include or the default templates will not work.
 * Entry and author pages now show edit links that allow direct editing of the element via the admin interface.
 * Draft entries show the word 'Draft' in their headline during the preview.
 * BLOG_PAGINATE_ENTRY_LIST controls the number of pages show in the entry_list page, default is 10.


A simple Django blog




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