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Go bindings to the CPython-3 API
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Golang bindings for the C-API of CPython-3.

This package provides a go package named "python" under which most of the PyXYZ functions and macros of the public C-API of CPython have been exposed. Theoretically, you should be able use and know what to type in your go program.

Currently supports python-3.7+.

This project was inspired by Go and take a look if we need something for python-2.7!


Simply go get


We will need pkg-config and a working python3 environment to build these bindings. By default pkg-config will look at the python3 library so if you want to choose a specific version just symlink python-X.Y.pc to python3.pc or use the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.


Some functions mix go code and call to Python function. Those functions will return and int and error type. The int represent the Python result code and the error represent any issue from the Go layer.


func PyRun_AnyFile(filename string) open filename and then call CPython API function int PyRun_AnyFile(FILE *fp, const char *filename).

Therefore its signature is func PyRun_AnyFile(filename string) (int, error), the int represent the error code from the CPython PyRun_AnyFile function and error will be set if we failed to open filename.

If an error is raise before calling th CPython function int default to -1.

Take a look at some examples

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