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Arrange collection view cell similar like snake.
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🐍 Snake Collection View 🐍

iOS app showing cell in UICollectionView as snake like layout. We can use this layout to present timeline, tracking system, showcase, portfolio, etc.

My purpose of making this project opensource on github is to enable more possible uses of this layout. I would like to know your idea where we can use this layout. I would be happy if you suggest features/functionalities which can be added to this layout.

Animation added on each cell is just for presentational purpose to understand the arrangement of the cell

First Screen Second Screen Third Screen Fourth Screen

:octocat: Prerequisite:

  1. 💎 Youtube Video :

:octocat: How to run and test this app:

  1. 💎 Download this repo or clone it using 'git clone' 💻
  2. 💎 Now open 'SnakeCollectionView.xcodeproj' in Xcode and hit run.


Usage Usage
Travel History Show Portfolio
Tracking View Show Timeline
Organisation's position Project progress
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