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Examples for facebook graph api for python
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Examples this repository contains


  • Python 2.X
  • Python Facebook-SDK

    pip install facebook-sdk

  • Python requests module

    pip install requests

  • For Likes-counter program:
    • tqdm (for progress bar) > pip install tqdm
    • tabulate (for fancy table) > pip install tabulate
  • For multiple groups post sharer program:
    • Beautiful Soup (for scraping the user groups from web) > pip install bs4
    • Selenium (for scraping the user groups from web) > pip install selenium
  • For timeline wordcloud program:
    • WordCloud > pip install wordcloud
    • PIL > pip install Pillow
    • Numpy > pip install numpy
  • Facebook app user access token.(See the steps below to get a token)

Getting a User Access Token

  • Create a Facebook App which will be used to access Facebook's Graph API.

  • Go to Facebook Apps dashboard -> Click Add a New App -> Choose platform WWW -> Choose a new name for your app -> Click Create New Facebook App ID -> Create a New App ID -> Choose Category -> Click Create App ID again.

  • Go back to Apps dashboard -> Select the new app -> Settings -> Basic -> Enter Contact Email. This is required to take your app out of the sandbox.

  • Go to App Review -> Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? -> Toggle the button to Yes -> Make App Public? -> Yes. This will enable others to see posts by your app in their timelines - otherwise, only you will see the wall posts by the app. Now,you should see a green dot next to app's name, and the text This app is public and available to all users.

  • Make a note of the App ID and App Secret (Click Show next to it; you will be asked to re-enter your Facebook password).

  • Now,go to Graph API Explorer -> In the Application drop down -> Select the app created in Step 2 -> Click Get Access Token -> In Permissions popup go to Extended Permissions tab -> Select the permissions you want -> Click Get Access Token

  • Make a note of the short-lived token shown in Graph API Explorer. Facebook has deprecated offline access, the next best thing is long-lived token which expires in 60 days. We will convert the short-lived access token noted above to a long-lived token.

  • For that, fill in the values in the URL below and open it in a browser: client_id={APP_ID}& client_secret={APP_SECRET}& grant_type=fb_exchange_token& fb_exchange_token={EXISTING_ACCESS_TOKEN}

  • You should see access_token={...}&expires={...}. This new access_token is the long-lived token you can use in your Python script.

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