Regular Expression reverter, generates a string that match the provided regular expression
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Regex reverse

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Regular expression reverter, generates a string from the given regular expression.


Via Composer

$ composer require niklongstone/regex-reverse:'^0.4.0'


require ('vendor/autoload.php');
use RegRev\RegRev;

echo RegRev::generate('\d'); //ouput a random number

For a list of useful regular expression, please visit: Awesome PCRE

Supported expressions

Character classes

Expression Description Result
\d digit a number
\D non digit an alpha char
\w word a alphanumeric char
\W non word a non alphanumeric char
\s space a blank space
\S non space a non blank space

Conditional and subgroup

Expression Description Example Result
() subgroup (\d\w)+@ 97a987Ss@
(a b) alternation (a
* zero or more \d* 123502
+ one or more \d+ 32133
? zero or one \d? 3
{n} {n,} {n,m} from n to m times \w{1,3} np


Expression Description Result
[0-9] range 0 to 9 7
[a-d] range a to b b
[0-9c-f] range 0-9 or c-f d
[ab5.] chars in list b
[^ab5.] chars not in list 8


Expression Result Description
2\d{2}-\d{3}-\d{4} 212-686-1234 US phone number
\(\d{3}\)\s\d{7} (957) 7583632 phone with area code
\w+@\w+\.\D{2,3} email
www\.\w+\.com URL
192\.\d{3}.255.\d{1,3} Ip address
\D{3,7}\s\D{2}\s\d{2,5} mslchvi Rr 861 US address
<TAG\s.*>.*?<\/TAG> <TAG fNol>ZPXApG</TAG> TAG
004[0-9] \d{7,10} 0044 75132145 europe phone
SE[1-9]{1}\d{1}\s[A-Z]{2}\d{2} SE27 GU35 london SE post code
SE[1-9]{1}\d{1}\s[A-Z]{2}\d{2} SE27 GU35 london SE post code
organi[sz]e organise or organize US or UK spelling

Other features

  • debug: RegRev::debug() will return an array of messages


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.