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ckSurf 1.21

Remember to backup your database before updating to a beta version

Updating instructions from 1.17 -> 1.18:

Updating instructions from 1.18 -> 1.19: download the new skillgroups.cfg and replace the old one in addons/sourcemod/configs.

Updating instructions from 1.19 -> 1.21: a lot of bug fixes, you might need to change skillgroups.cfg and related rank colors again

If you want to keep your old titles then you'll have to manually copy over the old ones and make SURE that the colors are supported

This fork is probably the most updated version you'll find available, please note that it's compiled against sm-1.8 and only works on sm-1.8+

The original developer(s) quit their work, the latest (Jonitaikaponi) has gone as far as deleting the repo. I (Nikooo777) will try to keep it going

As of today 27th of October 2017 the project is being developed by several other members, and I am accepting all working Pull Requests.

Alliedmods thread:

This version of ckSurf has been modfied by: jonitaikaponi, nikooo777, connorjan, blackhawk74 zAfLu, Squallkins, marcowmadeira, 2called-chaos, 1DJ, Maxximou5, peace-maker.

All contributors are also found here: THANK YOU