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Modern OpenGL bindings for Nim
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Modern OpenGL Bindings for Nim Nimble

Separated module from NimGL. In order to mantain small sized modules to facilitate development and reduce number of required modules.

Some developers do not require the entire bundle of APIs that NimGL offer, and so, prefere to only download the required modules.


Nimble download

You can install this package through the official package manager of Nim.

$ nimble install

In order to respect already existing libraries in the package registry, and because NimGL already exists in there, this package is only able to be accesible by direct git url.

Nimble direct install

$ git clone --recursive -j8
$ cd opengl
$ nimble install

NimGL module

$ nimble install nimgl

You can find more information in the main repo.


It is currently being developed and tested on

  • Windows 10
  • MacOS Mojave
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.10


I'm only one person and I use this library almost daily for school and personal projects. If you are missing some extension, procedures, bindings or anything related feel free to PR them or open an Issue with the specification and if you can some examples to have an idea on how to implement it. Thank you so much 🎉

This being a separate module behaves slightly diferently.

Please open all issues in the main repository. The PRs and new feature development will occur in each binding's repo.


import opengl

# Create a context (GLFW recommended)

if glInit():
  echo "OpenGL loaded correctly."

glClearColor(0.68f, 1f, 0.34f, 1f)

# You can load extensions

if glSpecializeShaderARB == nil:
  echo "Extension not available"

Check out the references and doc in order to understand OpenGL usage.


MIT License

NimGL is open source and is under the MIT License, we highly encourage every developer that uses it to make improvements and fork them here.


Thank you to every contributor that has spent their time improving this library.

List of all contributors.

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