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Inline::Python for Perl 6
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    use Inline::Python;
    my $py =;
    $'print "hello world"');

    # Or
    say EVAL('1+3', :lang<Python>);

    use string:from<Python>;
    say string::capwords('foo bar'); # prints "Foo Bar"


Module for executing Python code and accessing Python libraries from Perl 6.


You will need a Python built with the -fPIC option (position independent code). Most distributions build their Python that way. To do this with pyenv, use something like:

    PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-shared" pyenv install 2.7.12
    pyenv global 2.7.12
    pyenv rehash

With a python in your path, then build:

    perl6 configure.pl6
    make test
    make install


Stefan Seifert

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