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The PyLocator-program

A little program for localization of EEG-electrodes from MRI-recordings.
Uses VTK for a neat 3d-interface. 

Building the docs

To build the docs you need to have setuptools and sphinx (>=0.5) installed. 
Run the command::

    python build_sphinx

The docs are built in the build/sphinx/html directory.

Making a source tarball

To create a source tarball, eg for packaging or distributing, run the
following command::

    python sdist

The tarball will be created in the `dist` directory. This command will
compile the docs, and the resulting tarball can be installed with
no extra dependencies than the Python standard library. You will need
setuptool and sphinx.

Making a release and uploading it to PyPI

This command is only run by project manager, to make a release, and
upload in to PyPI::

    python sdist bdist_egg register upload