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This repository contains the project work for the ESD project for the Client Design and Development Class @ RIT - ISTE 754
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Emergency-Services-Directory (Built with jQuery)

Plugins Used

  • Tabs, Accordion from JQuery UI (@jqueryui) - For showing detailed results
  • Data Table from Spry Media (@datatables) - For showing search results and some detailed results
  • Select2 (@select2) - For adding search functionality to selectors
  • Page Piling (@pagepiling) - For making UI section wise and interactive
  • JQV Maps (@jqvmaps) - For creating a custom data based usa state selector
  • Textillate (@textillate) - For adding animation to header text
  • jQuery Toast Plugin (@toast) - For warning and error messages
  • Emoji Translate (@emojiTranslate) - For emoji translation of organization type selector
  • Canvas JS (@canvasjs) - For plotting county wise distribution of organizations on results section

For the Map

  • Leaflet JS (@leafletjs) - For plotting locations map in detailed results section

UI Library Used

  • Bootstrap (@bootstrap)

Custom jQuery Plugin

Additional Details

  • The project uses the module pattern
  • The project contains a module for validation for text and zip code inputs
  • The project contains a errors module to display errors and warnings interactively with toasts and gifs
  • There's also a pie chart built using canvas js to find the county wise % distribution for a search result
  • The constants js contains all the relevant paths, proxy url and the functions mapper for detailed results section.
  • Browser Detection has been done for IE11 and less.
  • The project is launched from the run.js script.
  • search_form_contents.js manages the results section
  • details_content.js manages the detailed tabbed results section


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Acknowledgements and Mentions:

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