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An organization maintained by students of NIT Durgapur


  1. MemeFinder MemeFinder Public

    Meme Retrieval Engine

    Python 45 22

  2. festcms festcms Public

    Fest management system using Django

    Python 21 30

  3. UIP UIP Public

    A library, to customize your desktop wallpapers.

    Python 19 45

  4. Fearch Fearch Public

    This is a chrome extension where we can search music,video and books over ftp servers. You can add it to your chrome using this link -

    JavaScript 37 37

  5. AirHockey AirHockey Public

    Air Hockey game created using pygame

    Python 29 50

  6. PiZilla PiZilla Public

    A lightweight, open-source file sharing web application for local networks.

    JavaScript 23 17


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