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MAST (Multicast Audio Streaming Toolkit) is set of audio streaming tools using RTP over IPv4 and IPv6 Multicast/Unicast.


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MAST - Multicast Audio Streaming Toolkit

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What is MAST ?

MAST is a set of command line tools for working with multicast Audio over IP streams that use the Real Time Protocol (RTP). It can be used to interoperate with audio streams that are compatible with the AES67 standard.

MAST is licenced under the permissive MIT License, see the file for details.

Tools in MAST

MAST aims to follow the Unix Philosophy of "programs that do one thing and do it well".

Tool Description
mast-info Display information about a RTP stream
mast-recorder Record/archive audio stream to an audio file
mast-meter Programme Peak Meter for checking audio levels
mast-sap-client Listen for SAP packets and write them to disk
mast-sap-server Periodically transmit SAP packets from SDP files

Supported Payload Types

MAST supports a number of different payload types from the RTP audio video profile:

  • L16 - 16-bit linear PCM
  • L24 - 24-bit linear PCM

It is intended that additional payload types will be added back in the future.

What happened to MAST v1?

MAST v2 is a re-write of MAST v1, with a focus on high quality linear audio on local area networks, rather distribution over the Internet.