A mobile interface and proxy to the of League of Legends Tribunal
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Mobile Tribunal

An unofficial mobile webapp and proxy to the League of Legends Tribunal


  • Web interface designed for both small phone screens and tablets. Works just fine on the desktop too!
  • Tested on Mobile Safari, Android, Mobile IE (WP7), and more!
  • Chat filters let you easily follow conversations and quickly check the reported player's language
  • More intuitive information layout than the official Tribunal
  • The easiest way to earn IP while you poop!


  • Opera Mini doesn't have complete support for javascript and won't work. Use Opera Mobile if your device supports it.

Running MobTrib for yourself

If you don't trust using the app on our host, that's just fine. You can easily run it yourself on any web server equiped with PHP 5, but we worked with Apache. More details available on our Wiki

Reporting Issues

We use the issue tracker here on github and through the reddit community of /r/mobiletribunal. Please report bugs in either of the two places.

As this product depends on Riot's servers to deliver the game information, in some cases there is only so much we can do. With that said, we want to make this a high quality product and will try to continue improving it over time.


League of Legends and the Tribunal are products of Riot Games and are unaffiliated with this app. You may use this code free of charge, but at your own risk.

This code is released under the MIT license. https://raw.github.com/noahm/MobileTribunal/master/mit-license.txt


Copyright (c) 2012 by these cool duders:

  • kaysond (kayson)
    • Founder
    • Proxy
  • Noah Manneschmidt (psoplayer)
    • User Interface
    • Tribunal Parsing