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redirects.toml - Rust documentation redirects

Source code for - a shorthand for navigating to Rust documentation.

Examples: -> standard libary documentation -> rust cookbook -> rust by example

Built with Rocket 🚀


When a request to *** (that is not www), a Cloudflare page rule transforms the request to:*/** which then contacts the Rocket server (or uses the cached value in Cloudflare if available). The Rocket server then sends a 302 response code with the redirect domain to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will cache this value for 7 days in their proxy, and also set the cache header for the client to expire in 8 days. This should hopefully make subsequent lookups faster, no matter where you are in the world.

Redirect information is stored in the redirects.toml file in this repository, and the Rocket server converts it into a HashMap for fast lookups.

The redirects in the HashMap are updated whenever redirects.toml in the master branch is changed.

Unfortunately Cloudflare does not offer wildcard proxied CNAME dns records, so the Rocket server makes a new CNAME record for each short field in redirects.toml. I think normally people would use a bunch of Page rules with Cloudflare so an origin server isn't needed, but Cloudflare only offers 3 free page rules per domain, and I'm cheap.

This is my first website with an actual server/backend, so if I'm doing something wrong, let me know!

CSS copied inspired by


Browser -> Cloudflare (free tier) -> Google Cloud Platform free tier (US Central) -> Caddy -> Rocket server


Modify redirects.toml with a new redirect (in alphabetic order) then make a pull request. CI (not setup yet!) will check that the links are valid, and when merged to master a webhook will tell the server to update its redirect HashMap, and clear Cloudflare's cache.

If there is an official site like this, let me know and I can redirect all traffic there.