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A dialect of C++ with memory safety guarantees


Principles behind are discussed in , though some implementation details here are different; in particular:

  • "soft pointers" are implemented via vectors of soft pointers within owning pointers, with non-trivial move constructors for soft pointers
    • this ensures an almost-zero cost of dereferencing a soft pointer, at the cost of slowing down copying/destruction of "soft pointers" (but not by much)
    • an optimization for stack-only soft-pointers still pending
  • X* pointers are prohibited, naked_ptr<> has to be used instead (to enforce safety against nullptr regardless of relying on 'zero page' protection)


This project aims to provide a memory-safe C++, in a sense that:

  • IF you're following certain rules (="your code passes our static checker")
  • AND you compile your program with certain settings (such as not #defining NODECPP_MEMORY_SAFETY=NONE)
  • THEN we guarantee that your C++ program does not exhibit any memory-related Undefined Behaviors
    • of course, saving for bugs in our tools, but with time we hope to make it very solid

Safety checks are two-fold:

  • compile-time checks. compile-time checks do NOT incur performance penalty. Used to enforce stack safety (example: return of pointer to local variable)
  • run-time checks. run-time checks do incur performance penalty. Used to enforce safety of the heap.
    • due to the model chosen, they're rare, and for most of the programs we expect them not to be TOO bad
    • in addition, there is an option to re-compile your program without safety checks. Or even with per-class/per-pointer safety checks.

Current Status and Further Plans

  • We are about to release v0.1 - which is in "no known bugs" status, and is supposed to be safe. v0.1 does NOT support stuff such as arrays or collections (at all).
    • This is pre-alpha version, so while all the bug reports are REALLY welcome, please do NOT say "hey, they didn't even handle <insert_trivial_thing_here>, so they're hopeless" - at this point we are confident that we'll be able to fix all the bugs reported to us, but it will take some time.
    • v0.1.x - bugfixes and more bugfixes, support for co_await
    • v0.2 Adding support for strings, arrays, spans, vectors, and hash tables
    • v0.5 Switching to detection mechanisms outlined in D1179 (splitting D1179's invalid into invalid_stack - reported as error, and invalid_heap - reported only as warning as long as the runtime protection is enabled).
    • v0.6 Adding support for other collections (deques and tree-based ones).
    • v0.8 Adding instrumentation to enable 100% run-time detection of zombie accesses.


Please see


A C++ dialect with optional memory safety guarantees (provides memory safety for node.cpp)




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