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This release fixes a bug where you could connect a node to itself. You've always been able to do this, but because the output hitbox is now larger, this made it much easier (and much more annoying) to do.

Special thanks to John Cartan for reporting and tracking down this bug.

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@fdb fdb released this Nov 13, 2017 · 3 commits to master since this release

We've added two useful nodes and some welcome user interface improvements:

  • When dragging a connection, you can now drag the connection line over the entire node, instead of just the inputs.
  • We've increased the size of the output port hitbox, so it's easier to start a connection.
  • The import_text node imports a plain text file, split by lines.
  • The make_table node creates a new table out of a number of lists and a set of column headers.
  • We fixed a bug that would manifest when deleting a node while dragging it.
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@fdb fdb released this Sep 28, 2017 · 8 commits to master since this release

This is a bug-fix release. It tackles the annoying error that sometimes pops up when dragging nodes in the network view. I've found an edge case that happens when deleting nodes while dragging (or accidentally dragging while deleting nodes). The application now checks for this and ignores the error.

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@fdb fdb released this Jun 29, 2017

This release further focuses on CSV export functionality

CSV Export

  • Make "," the default delimiter for CSV export.
  • Add option to elide quotes in CSV export.

Other fixes

  • Add 7 ports to the concatenate node.

Build system

  • The NodeBox automated build system now uses AppVeyor to generate Windows builds automatically.
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@fdb fdb released this Jun 15, 2017 · 2 commits to 4d30510ae4683ad0a0bf871be0d8e270207ed038 since this release


Version 3.0.47.
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