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Validate the commit message for a particular commit in node core


$ npm install [-g] core-validate-commit


# for a single commit
$ core-validate-commit <sha>

# validate since <sha>
$ git rev-list <sha>..HEAD | xargs core-validate-commit

# list all rules
$ core-validate-commit --list
         fixes-url enforce format of Fixes URLs
  line-after-title enforce a blank newline after the commit title
       line-length enforce max length of lines in commit body
      metadata-end enforce that metadata is at the end of commit messages
            pr-url enforce PR-URL
         reviewers enforce having reviewers
         subsystem enforce subsystem validity
      title-format enforce commit title format
      title-length enforce max length of commit title

Valid subsystems are defined in lib/rules/subsystem.js.


$ npm test


Evan Lucas


MIT (See LICENSE for more info)