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doc: clarify operation of napi_cancel_async_work

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mhdawson committed May 11, 2017
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@@ -2931,11 +2931,12 @@ NAPI_EXTERN napi_status napi_cancel_async_work(napi_env env,
Returns `napi_ok` if the API succeeded.
This API cancels a previously allocated work, provided
it has not yet been queued for execution. After this function is called
This API cancels queued work if it has not yet
been started. If it has already started executing, it cannot be
cancelled and `napi_generic_failure` will be returned. If successful,
the `complete` callback will be invoked with a status value of
`napi_cancelled`. The work should not be deleted before the `complete`
callback invocation, even when it was cancelled.
callback invocation, even if it has been successfully cancelled.
[Aynchronous Operations]: #n_api_asynchronous_operations

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