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doc: revise Collaborator material in

* Reduce passive voice
* Shorter and simpler sentences

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@@ -21,26 +21,21 @@ privileges include but are not limited to:
* Commit access to the [nodejs/node][] repository
* Access to the Node.js continuous integration (CI) jobs

Modifications of the contents of the nodejs/node repository are made on
a collaborative basis. Anybody with a GitHub account may propose a
modification via pull request and it will be considered by the project
Both Collaborators and non-Collaborators may propose changes to the Node.js
source code. The mechanism to propose such a change is a GitHub pull request.
Collaborators are responsible for reviewing and merging (_landing_)
pull requests.

At least two Collaborators must approve a pull request before the pull request
lands. (One Collaborator approval is enough if the pull request has been open
can land. (One Collaborator approval is enough if the pull request has been open
for more than 7 days.) Approving a pull request indicates that the Collaborator
accepts responsibility for the change. Approval must be from Collaborators who
are not authors of the change.

If one or more Collaborators oppose a proposed change, then the change cannot
be accepted unless:

* Discussions and/or additional changes result in no Collaborators objecting to
the change. Previously-objecting Collaborators do not necessarily have to
sign off on the change, but they should not be opposed to it.
* The change is escalated to the TSC and the TSC votes to approve the change.
This should only happen if disagreements between Collaborators cannot be
resolved through discussion.
If a Collaborator opposes a proposed change, then the change cannot land. The
exception is if the TSC votes to approve the change despite the opposition.
Usually, involving the TSC is unnecessary. Often, discussions or further changes
result in Collaborators removing their opposition.


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