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doc: 'constructor' implies use of new keyword

The square module is described as exporting a constructor,
which would mean it would need to be invoked with the
new keyword in bar.js after requiring it. Otherwise it's
technically a factory function, not a constructor.

PR-URL: #17364
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@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ instead of `exports`.
Below, `bar.js` makes use of the `square` module, which exports a constructor:
const square = require('./square.js');
const mySquare = square(2);
console.log(`The area of my square is ${mySquare.area()}`);
const Square = require('./square.js');
const mySquare = new Square(2);
console.log(`The area of mySquare is ${mySquare.area()}`);
The `square` module is defined in `square.js`:

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