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Build Status Dependency Status MIT Licensed

What is this repo? by the Node.js Foundation builds on the merged community's past website projects to form a self-publishing, community-managed version of the previous site.

On a technical level, inspiration has been taken from the repo while design and content has been migrated from the old repo. These technical changes have helped to facilitate community involvement and empower the foundation's internationalization communities to provide alternative website content in other languages.

This repo's issues section has become the primary home for the Website WG's coordination efforts (meeting planning, minute approval, etc).


Please contribute! There are plenty of good first issues to work on. To get started, you have to fork this repo to your own GitHub account first. Then open up a terminal on your machine and enter the following commands:

$ git clone<your user name>/
$ cd
$ npm install
$ npm start

This will start the development server on http://localhost:8080/en/. This should reload automatically when you make changes to the code, but no code is perfect, so sometimes you may need to restart it. :)

Note: You'll need Node.js v4 or newer as the build system uses some native ES2015 features.

If you want to submit a new feature or a bugfix, the best way is to create the changes in a separate branch, e.g.: git checkout -b feature/mycoolfeature. This will make it easier for you to submit a pull request and get your feature merged.


  • Page templates are in /layouts
  • Global styles are in /layouts/css
  • Global static files are in /static
  • All content and localization specific styles are in /locale
  • Initial development usually happens in English: /locale/en
  • /locale/{{locale}}/site.json is where global localization information lives.
  • All content is in Markdown and is per locale.
  • The top of each Markdown file is a block of YAML for page specific localization information that is passed to various templates.
  • The bulk of the Markdown content for each page is referenced as {{{content}}} in the corresponding template.


Full set up is in minus secrets and certificates. The webhook is setup on GitHub for this project and talks to a small Node server on the host which does the work. See the github-webhook package for this.


All of the Node.js Foundation websites, including this repo, are jointly governed by the Website Working Group. See to learn more about the group's structure and for guidance about the expectations for all contributors to this project.

Content vs. Code

The Website Working Group is primarily concerned with the code and overall structure of the website.

The content of the website comes from a variety of working groups (Evangelism, Core, i18n, etc). The Website WG defers to these WGs on matters of content and routinely adds collaborators from these working groups as they add and improve content on the website. In other words, the Website WG is not an editorial Working Group except when no other Working Group has taken responsibility for a content area.