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Setup Guide for a Microfrontend Platform on Kubernetes. Contains scripts for GKE to setup the outline Platform within minutes.

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Creating a Microfrontend Platform with Mashroom Portal on Kubernetes

This document describes a production ready concept for a Microfrontend platform based on Mashroom Portal and Kubernetes.

This repo contains scripts to set up the complete platform within minutes on k3d. But it can of course be deployed on every Kubernetes cluster similarly.

The platform


The platform allows it to deploy each Microfrontend separately and to make it automatically available in the Portal, so it can be placed on arbitrary pages.


  • Automatic discovery of newly deployed (Mashroom Portal compliant) Microfrontends
  • High Availability: All building blocks are stateless and can be scaled horizontally
  • Support for server side messaging: The Microfrontends can not only use the MessageBus to exchange messages on the same page but also with other users and 3rd party systems
  • Extensive metrics exposed in Prometheus format

Building blocks

The platform

The outlined platform consists of:

  • A Kubernetes cluster
  • A bunch of common services that can be used by the Portal and the Microfrontends
    • Keycloak Identity Provider for authentication and authorization
    • A database for Keycloak, e.g PostgreSQL
    • Redis cluster for Portal session storage
    • MongoDB for the Portal configuration
  • A Mashroom Portal for the Microfrontend integration with the following plugins:
    • @mashroom/mashroom-storage-provider-mongodb
    • @mashroom/mashroom-memory-cache (Memory cache for the MongoDB storage)
    • @mashroom/mashroom-memory-cache-provider-redis
    • @mashroom/mashroom-security-provider-openid-connect
    • @mashroom/mashroom-portal-remote-app-registry-k8s (Microfrontend discovery)
    • @mashroom/mashroom-session-provider-redis
    • @mashroom/mashroom-websocket
    • @mashroom/mashroom-messaging
    • @mashroom/mashroom-messaging-external-provider-redis
    • @mashroom/mashroom-monitoring-metrics-collector
    • @mashroom/mashroom-monitoring-prometheus-exporter
  • A bunch Mashroom Portal compliant Microfrontends

Setup Guides

Professional Support

If you need help to set up your fancy Microfrontend Platform contact us for professional support!


  • The k3d demo setup is not production ready. Most notably the IDP (Keycloak) runs in dev mode with TLS disabled. Furthermore, most common services (like MongoDB) are not replicated and not highly available
  • You should put every Microfrontend in a separate repo and use different namespaces per team. The Portal will automatically pick up new namespaces if they have specific labels (see Mashroom Portal Remote App Kubernetes Background Job config).
  • To build a Microfrontend platform outlined here you can use the same tools and approaches as for a Microservice platform. For example Argo CD, Spinnaker or JenkinsX.
  • You should also deploy Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring the Portal. Here you can find an example Dashboard configuration. And this article describes how to add tracing in the Portal.
  • Checkout this article how to debug Microfrontend running on K8S locally with Telepresence:
  • Our Youtube Channel contains videos that cover setup and deployment of Mashroom Portal


Setup Guide for a Microfrontend Platform on Kubernetes. Contains scripts for GKE to setup the outline Platform within minutes.







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