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Bustime - public trasport online

Checkout for live example.

Python/Django app process and visualize public transport vehicle positions using GPS coordinates. This collection of programs are able to detect current nearest stop, vehicle direction, real-time timetable, sleeping state (not moved for a long time), zombie state (broken vehicles).

Supported transport types:

  • bus
  • trolleybus
  • tramway
  • inter-city bus
  • shuttle bus


  • high optimization for rapid server replies
  • websocket real-time updates
  • modern HTML5 standard compliance
  • simplified version for older devices and browsers (even with no JS)
  • OpenStreetmap support
  • Rainsys system updates only changed information (broadcasted via websocket)
  • "MultiBus" technology allows to track all vehicles of selected route

How to install

  1. Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (tested)
  2. Make virtualenv and install pip packages from docs/pips/pips.freeze
  3. Initialize Django environment
  4. Fill in city, bus, bus stop and route tables
  5. Generate list of stops for JS at utils/
  6. Edit according to active cities
  7. Install supervisor and daemons from the addons list
  8. Run

Optionally you could install:

Scripts for building CSS and JS: 99-release-*.sh


Published under MIT license.