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example workflow

A proof of concept of a simple encoding of refinement types in Scala 3.

You can read about motivation behind and the main concepts in the blog post.

Quick start

Include library in build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "pl.msitko" %% "mini-refined" % "0.2.0"

Common imports:

import pl.msitko.refined.Refined

Circe integration

To use circe integration:

libraryDependencies += "pl.msitko" %% "mini-refined-circe" % "0.2.0"

Int predicates

val a: Int Refined GreaterThan[10] = 5
// fails compilation with: Validation failed: 5 > 10
val a: Int Refined LowerThan[10] = 15
// fails compilation with: Validation failed: 15 < 10

String predicates

val s: String Refined StartsWith["xyz"] = "abc"
// fails compilation with: Validation failed: abc.startsWith(xyz)
val s: String Refined EndsWith["xyz"] = "abc"
// fails compilation with: Validation failed: abc.endsWith(xyz)

List predicates

val as: List[String] Refined Size[GreaterThan[1]] = List("a")
// fails compilation with: 
// Validation failed: list size doesn't hold predicate: 1 > 1

You can use any Int predicates within Size predicate.

Compose predicates with boolean operators

You can compose predicates with boolean operators. For example:

val c: Int Refined And[GreaterThan[10], LowerThan[20]] = 25
// fails compilation with: Validation failed: (25 > 10 And 25 < 20), predicate failed: 25 < 20

Runtime validation

Everything described so far works only for values known at a compile-time. However, values for most variables are coming at runtime. For those you need to use Refined.refineV[T] which returns Either[String, T]. Example:

case class Example(a: Int, b: Int Refined GreaterThan[10])

def runtime(a: Int, b: Int): Either[String, Example] =
  Refined.refineV[GreaterThan[10]](b).map(refined => Example(a, refined))

Inferring types compatibility

mini-refined has some basic rules that enable using more specific types in places where more general types are required.

In other words, considering such function:

def intFun10(a: Int Refined GreaterThan[10]): Unit = ???

We can call it with a value of type Int Refined GreaterThan[20], as mini-refined recognizes that being greater than 20 implies being greater than 10.


Simple encoding of refinement types in Scala 3







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