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What is it?

Notepadqq is a text editor designed by developers, for developers.


Please visit our Wiki for more screenshots and details.

Build it yourself

Build dependencies Dependencies
Qt 5.6 or higher Qt 5.6 or higher
qtwebengine5-dev qtwebengine5
libqt5websockets5-dev libqt5websockets5
libqt5svg5-dev libqt5svg5
qttools5-dev-tools coreutils
libuchardet-dev libuchardet

Get the source

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd notepadqq


notepadqq$ ./configure --prefix /usr
notepadqq$ make

If you encounter errors make sure to have the necessary libraries installed. For Ubuntu you can do that using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools qtwebengine5-dev libqt5websockets5-dev libqt5svg5 libqt5svg5-dev libuchardet-dev pkg-config

For CentOS:

sudo yum install -y qt5-qtbase-devel qt5-qttools-devel qt5-qtwebengine-devel qt5-qtwebsockets-devel qt5-qtsvg-devel uchardet qt5-qtwebchannel-devel pkgconfig


You can run notepadqq from its build output folder. If however you want to install it, first build it by following the above steps, then run:

notepadqq$ sudo make install


If the newest version of Qt isn't available on your distribution, you can use the online installer to get the latest libraries and install them into your home directory ($HOME/Qt). Notepadqq will automatically use them.

Distribution Packages

Ubuntu, Debian, and others:

sudo apt install notepadqq


To install the latest stable version:

sudo snap install notepadqq

You don't have the snap command? Follow the instructions at and then install Notepadqq as shown above.

You can follow the unstable development releases from the "edge" channel.

Arch Linux (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is available from Arch's community repositories. To install using pacman:

sudo pacman -S notepadqq

Alternatively it can be found in the AUR:

OpenSUSE (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is avilable in OpenSUSE's main repository:

 sudo zypper in notepadqq

Solus (community-maintained)

Notepadqq is available in the shannon (stable) repository:

 sudo eopkg it notepadqq


Use a package for a compatible distribution, or build from source. If you want to submit a package:

Compiling on macOS

Instructions can be found here.