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higher level api for creating and using iframes in browsers
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higher level api for creating and removing iframes in browsers

browser support



use with browserify

npm install iframe
var iframe = require('iframe')

// creates a new iframe and appends it to the container
frame = iframe({ container: document.querySelector('#container') , body: "hi" })

// completely removes previous iframe from container and generates a new one
frame.setHTML({ body: "bye" })


you can pass this into the constructor or setHTML

  name: name of the iframe,
  src: if src url is passed in use that (this mode ignores body/head/html options),
  body: string contents for `<body>`
  head: string contents for `<head>`
  html: string contents for entire iframe
  container: (constructor only) dom element to append iframe to, default = document.body
  sandboxAttributes: array of capability flag strings, default = ['allow-scripts']
  scrollingDisabled: (constructor only) boolean for the iframe scrolling attr

you can also just pass in a string and it will be used as {html: 'yourstring'}


by default the sandbox attribute is set with 'allow-scripts' enabled. pass in an array of capability flag strings. Available flags:

allow-forms allows form submission.
allow-popups allows (shock!) popups.
allow-pointer-lock allows (surprise!) pointer lock.
allow-same-origin allows the document to maintain its origin; pages loaded from will retain access to that origin’s data.
allow-scripts allows JavaScript execution, and also allows features to trigger automatically (as they’d be trivial to implement via JavaScript).
allow-top-navigation allows the document to break out of the frame by navigating the top-level window.


iframes are weird. here are some things I use to fix weirdness:

loading javascript into iframes

// setTimeout is because iframes report inaccurate window.innerWidth/innerHeight, even after DOMContentLoaded!
var body = '<script type="text/javascript"> setTimeout(function(){' + javascriptCodeHere + '}, 0)</script>'

getting rid of dumb iframe default styles

var head = "<style type='text/css'> html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; } </style>"



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