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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 19, 2022. It is now read-only.


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We've Moved! 🚚

The code for this repo is now a workspace in the npm CLI repo.

You can find the workspace in /workspaces/libnpmexec

Please file bugs and feature requests as issues on the CLI and tag the issue with "ws:libnpmexec".


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The npm exec (npx) Programmatic API


npm install libnpmexec


const libexec = require('libnpmexec')
await libexec({
  args: ['yosay', 'Bom dia!'],
  cache: '~/.npm/_cacache',
  npxCache: '~/.npm/_npx',
  yes: true,



  • opts:
    • args: List of pkgs to execute Array, defaults to []
    • call: An alternative command to run when using packages option String, defaults to empty string.
    • cache: The path location to where the npm cache folder is placed String
    • npxCache: The path location to where the npx cache folder is placed String
    • color: Output should use color? Boolean, defaults to false
    • localBin: Location to the node_modules/.bin folder of the local project to start scanning for bin files String, defaults to ./node_modules/.bin. libexec will walk up the directory structure looking for node_modules/.bin folders in parent folders that might satisfy the current arg and will use that bin if found.
    • locationMsg: Overrides "at location" message when entering interactive mode String
    • log: Sets an optional logger Object, defaults to proc-log module usage.
    • globalBin: Location to the global space bin folder, same as: $(npm bin -g) String, defaults to empty string.
    • output: A function to print output to Function
    • packages: A list of packages to be used (possibly fetch from the registry) Array, defaults to []
    • path: Location to where to read local project info (package.json) String, defaults to .
    • runPath: Location to where to execute the script String, defaults to .
    • scriptShell: Default shell to be used String, defaults to sh on POSIX systems, process.env.ComSpec OR cmd on Windows
    • yes: Should skip download confirmation prompt when fetching missing packages from the registry? Boolean
    • registry, cache, and more options that are forwarded to @npmcli/arborist and pacote Object