Use docker instead of a VM (i.e., virtualbox) in Vagrant
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Use docker instead of a VM (i.e., virtualbox) in Vagrant as a provider to save system resources (and be more fashionable!)

Use this sample code to build your own boxes.

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The image is currently based on Ubuntu:12.04 It features Puppet [Chef is optional] and a sample NginX web Server

Simple usage:

Builds your own docker image from the Dockerfile

cd vagrant-docker

sudo vagrant up


Navigate to: http://localhost:8080/

Advanced usage:

Select your image in a ENV var
For a vanilla image built using the same docker file:

DOCKER_IMAGE='npoggi/vagrant-docker' sudo vagrant up --provision

For a pre-provisioned image with the puppet config (saves time)

DOCKER_IMAGE='npoggi/vagrant-docker-provisioned' sudo vagrant up --provision


In case you switch images do a vagrant provision (or vagrant up --provision) instead of just vagrant up. As docker by default stops services if not specified in the Dockerfile. Puppet as the provisioner with make sure they are UP!

Originally presented at the Docker meetup in Barcelona: