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knogs: keyboard navigation on google search

google used to provide a keyboard shortcuts experiment
  deprecated long ago, removed dec 2011
  the recommended replacements aren't great
  google still provides the js:

knogs is a google chrome extension that provides similar functionality
  uses google's shortcuts.5.js (see above)
  google chrome only - tested on: chrome 17+ on linux/64-bit

install via chrome store:

manual install:
  option 1:
    check: developer mode
    click: load unpacked extension and select the path of the unpacked source
  option 2:
    google-chrome --load-extension=.

post (or pre) install:
  disable google's instant search stuff
    from a google search, click the gear icon --> search settings
    select "never show instant results"

keybindings for search:
  'j' and 'k' navigate up and down in the search results
  'enter' to open the selected link
  'o', 'shift-enter' and 'shift-o' to open the selected link with
     the browser will determine whether this is in a new tab or a new window
     chrome 44 appears to open a new window if shift is pressed
     'o' should reliably open a new tab in both chrome 43 and 44
  '/' to select the search box
  'esc' to leave the search box (when it has focus)

  places a cursor to the left of the selected item (thanks yjsoon)

  opening an item and then using the back button doesn't set the cursor
  open links on new tabs without changing focus

license: mit/x
  note: shortcut.5.js and googleKeyboard.js are "unlicensed" and included here for reference only
        the extension loads these directly from google at page-load

  seth lytle - originator, maintainer
  YJ Soon ( - safari and styling improvements

see also:
    a similar extension for firefox. couldn't get it to load in chrome 
    packaged for safari by YJ Soon

to package for chrome store:
  grep '"version"' manifest.json | sed "s/.*://g" |
    xargs -I xxx zip -r bin/ knogs.user.js manifest.json readme kludge.js docs
  then visit:

// overload 'o' to open in a new tab
// allow for debugging (uncomment in content script)