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Pict3D: A 3D engine with a purely functional API

Browse the documentation.

To use:

  1. Install Racket from http://download.racket-lang.org/.
  2. Open DrRacket.
  3. Open the File menu and choose Install Package....
  4. Type pict3d in the "Package Source" field and click Install.
  5. Wait for a few minutes.
  6. Test by running a program like the following.
#lang racket
(require pict3d)
(sphere origin 1/2)

Press F1 in DrRacket and search for "pict3d" to find the documentation.

If you'd like to browse through the test programs, in DrRacket, click the File -> Open Require Path... menu item. Type pict3d/tests, click Enter subcollection, choose a Racket source file, and click OK. You'll have to either uncheck Populate compiled directories in the language dialog (Ctrl-L or Langauge -> Choose Language...) or copy the text of the test files into a fresh buffer to run them.