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C++11 Interfaces for the NAG Library

This is version of a set of C++11 interfaces for the NAG Library, supplied as a series of header files.

In order to make use of this product you will need a copy of Mark 29.0 of the NAG Library installed on your system.

Currently only interfaces for a small subset of routines from the NAG Library are available in this form. These interfaces are automatically generated, and their primary purpose is to elicit feedback on their design prior to rolling the process out across the whole library.

Quick Start

Please visit the NAG Library for C++ landing page for quick-start information and more details on the examples supplied in the distribution.

Basic Documentation

Assuming that you have installed the C++ interfaces into the directory called [NAGCPP_INSTALL_DIR] then you should have four subdirectories:

  • [NAGCPP_INSTALL_DIR]/include

    Contains the C++ wrappers and all required utility headers.

  • [NAGCPP_INSTALL_DIR]/examples

    Contains a sample of examples calling the interfaces.


    Contains a series of unit tests that have been used to test the supplied wrappers.

  • [NAGCPP_INSTALL_DIR]/scripts

    Contains a number of Linux scripts for compiling and running the examples and unit tests. These scripts can also be run from WSL or Cygwin. Before running any of these scripts you should ensure that your environment is set up correctly by, for example, running either envvars.bat, or nagvars.csh, supplied with the NAG Library. Which is supplied / required depends on whether you are on Windows or Linux and, if on Linux, which shell you are using.

When using the C++ interfaces supplied with this readme you will need to add the directory [NAGCPP_INSTALL_DIR]/include to the list of directories your compiler searches for header files in addition to using any compiler flags usually required by the NAG Library (as specified in the Users' Notes supplied with your version of the library and also available from the NAG website at

Full Documentation for the C++11 Interfaces

A more comprehensive set of documentation is available from the NAG website:


C++ Interfaces for the NAG Library






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