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NuoDB Ruby Native Database Driver
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NuoDB Ruby Interface

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This is the community driven Ruby Gem for NuoDB. It wraps the NuoDB C++ API, providing a natural API for Ruby.

To use NuoDB with Rails you will also want the ActiveRecord NuoDB Adapter

This is a community driven driver with limited support and testing from NuoDB.

Note: At this time the Ruby/NuoDB Interface does not support Windows.

Getting Started

  1. If you haven't already, Download and Install NuoDB

  2. Install the gem

    gem install nuodb
  3. Use NuoDB in Ruby

    require "nuodb"
    conn = => 'test@localhost', :username => 'dba', :password => 'goalie', :schema => 'hockey')
    stmt = conn.statement
    stmt.execute("SELECT * FROM hockey")
    stmt.results.each do |res|
        puts res.inspect

More Information


See Contribution for information about contributing to the NuoDB Ruby Adapter.


NuoDB License

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