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Automation Repository

Community repository for misc things Nutanix automation, centralized to help users learn code, leverage existing work, and contribute back.

In addition, we do have a dedicated repo for Nutanix Calm blueprints, which is here:


Many of these are not production-grade scripts, and are used to either do specific tasks or simply demonstrate functionality. Also please be advised that many of these scripts may run and operate in a way that do not follow best practices. Please check through each script to ensure it meets your requirements. Please make sure you add appropriate exception handling and error-checking before running it in production.

Repo Admins

  • Chris Rasmussen, Developer Content Architect, Nutanix (Melbourne, AU)
  • Jon Kohler, Technical Director, Nutanix (Vermont, US)

High Level Changelog

  • 2019.12.13 - Chris - Updated import blueprint script to work with Calm 2.9
  • 2018.09.21 - Chris - Remove blueprints (please see
  • 2018.04.24 - Chris - Added detailed instructions to graphical API demo app
  • 2018.04.24 - Chris - Removed a few old/legacy scripts
  • 2018.04.05 - Jon - Consolidated Chris Rasmussen (digitalformula) repos
  • 2018.04.05 - Jon - Consolidated random /nutanix/ org repos


Nutanix loves Open Source, and leverages a community supported model. Nutanix welcomes Pull Requests and Issues, which will be reviewed on a best effort basis.


Centralized Repo for community driven Nutanix automation





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