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Nutanix Developer Portal Code Samples

A collection of code samples designed for distribution via the Nutanix Developer Portal.

Note: The structure of this repository changed on June 6th 2019. Please update any existing bookmarks you may have saved.

Please feel free to use these for your own environments if you find them useful.


Detailed instructions on how to setup a development/testing environment are beyond the scope of this repo and the scripts contained within it.

Each script language covered in this repository has an accompanying readme file that suggests how the environment should be setup, although individual preferences will nearly always override those suggestions.


  • python: Python scripts based on Python >=3.7
  • powershell: Windows PowerShell scripts, based on PowerShell >= 5.1
  • shell: Bash scripts to run in a Linux terminal (please note that the Windows 10 Bash Shell has not been tested with these scripts!)
  • csharp: Single-file/script Microsoft C# applications, typically run in the console
  • go - Golang examples
  • postman - JSON payloads designed for use with the Postman API development application
  • blueprints - Nutanix Calm demo blueprints

License & Usage

Please see the LICENSE file distributed with this repository.

For full terms and conditions, please see Nutanix Terms of Use.

Support & Disclaimer

These scripts are unofficial and are not supported or actively maintained by Nutanix in any way.

In addition, please also be advised that these scripts may contain code that does not follow best practices. Please check through each script to ensure the configuration suits your requirements.

Changes will be required before these scripts can be used in production environments.

Please see the .disclaimer file distributed with this repository.